每日阅读丨A Party

每日阅读丨A Party

It is Christmas, and there is a big party in the house. Guests come and go, but the party goes on.


Then the bell rings. Several people shout, “Come in!” And a small man opens the front door and comes in.


Nobody knows him but the host goes to meet him and takes him to have a drink.


The man sits there for an hour and drinks happily. Then suddenly he stops and looks at his host.


“You know,” he says, “Nobody invites me to this party. I don’t know you. I don’t know your wife and I don’t know any of your guests. My wife and I want to go out in our car, but one of your guests’ car is in front of our gate, so I come here to find him and my wife is waiting in our car for me to come back!”



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