成语故事 | Better late than never

成语故事 | Better late than never

There once was a shepherd. He bred many sheep. 从前有一个牧羊人,养了很多羊。

In the daytime, he herded them outside; at night, he drove them into the sheepfold which was enclosed by hays and pegs.白天放牧,晚上把它们赶进一个用柴草和木桩围起来的羊圈内。

One morning, the shepherd went to herd the sheep and found one sheep lost. 一天早晨,这个牧羊人去放羊,发现羊少了一只。

He then found that the sheepfold had been broken, and the wolf must had stolen the sheep through the hollow. 原来羊圈破了个窟窿。夜间有狼从窟窿里钻了进来,叼走了一只羊。

“You’d better repair the sheepfold and plug up the hollow as soon as possible.” The neighbors advised him.邻居劝他赶快把羊圈修一修。

“The sheep has been lost, what’s the point of repairing the sheepfold?”他却说:“羊都已经丢了,还修羊圈有什么意义。”

He didn’t take the neighbor’s kind suggestions.他没有接受邻居们的好心劝告。

The next morning, he went to herd and found another sheep lost. The wolf had done it again. 第二天早上,他去放羊,发现羊又少了一只。原来狼又从窟窿钻进去叼走了一只羊。

The shepherd now regretted for not taking his neighbor’s advice and not taking remediation in time. 这位牧羊人很后悔没有接受邻居们的劝告,去及时采取补救措施。

So he plugged up the hollow soon, and reinforced the whole sheepfold to make it more stable.于是,他赶紧堵上那个窟窿。又把整个羊圈都加固了一番,羊圈比以前更加牢固了。

From then on, his sheep didn’t get stolen any more.从此,牧羊人的羊再也没有丢过。

The story tells us that it is very common to make mistakes and encounter setbacks in our life. As long as you can draw the lesson and make up the mistake in time, you can avoid remaking mistakes and suffering more losses.这个故事告诉我们:在我们的一生中,犯错误,遭受挫折都是很正常的事情,只要能够及时吸取教训,弥补错误,就能避免再次犯错,从而遭受较少的损失。


1. shepherd: 牧羊人,牧师

2. bred: (breed的过去式) 饲养,养育

3. drove:(drive的过去式) 驱赶

4. enclose: 把……围住

5. hay: 干草

6. peg: 木桩

7. plug up: 堵上

8. advise/ suggest: 建议 (suggestion是suggest的名词形式)

9. what’s the point of ...: 做……有何意义

10. regret for:为……感到悔恨

11. take remediation in time: 及时补救

12. reinforce: 加固

13. stable:牢固的,稳定的

14. setback: 挫折

15. make up the mistake: 弥补错误




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