口语交际 | 今天你按时到校了吗?

口语交际 | 今天你按时到校了吗?

Hi, kids! How was your day?


Let’s take a look.

1. 按时 —— on time 

So easy! Right? For example:

(1). You should get to school on time. 你应该按时到校。

(2). Please hand in your homework on time. 请按时交作业。

(3) Mom, can you pick me up on time? 妈妈,你能按时来接我吗?

2及时 —— in time

(1). If you need help, please call me in time.  如果你需要帮助,请及时给我打电话。

(2). Luckily, he called the police in time, the little child was finally saved.幸好他及时报警,那个小孩子最终得救了。

3. 提前 —— ahead of time

(1). I can finish the work ahead of time. 我能提前完成工作。

(2). Please let me know the details ahead of time. 请提前让我知道细节。

OK. That’s it for today. If you have any questions about clock, feel free to ask me. See you!


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