成语故事 |A farmer and his crops

成语故事 |A farmer and his crops


Once upon a time, there was a farmer, who was always worried about the growth of his crops. Everyday he went to see them. 

But the crops grew much slower than he expected. He was so anxious after three days’ watch in his fields. 

Then he said to himself: I must find a better way to help them grow faster. 

At last, a good idea came up to his mind. Then he rushed towards the fields. For the whole day, he was there to pull each crop upward. He worked hard till the sunset. Then he came home, exhausted. 

He couldn’t wait to tell his family the great thing he had done in the daytime. But he was so tired that he was out of breath. “I am exhausted, but you know, my efforts were not in vain, I helped all the little crops grow faster. It’s worth it.” the farmer said joyfully and he even couldn’t help laughing loudly. 

However, his son found something wrong. He ran to the fields in a hurry, but it was too late when he find that all the crops died back.

This story tells us things would be worse if we make them happen speedily without following the developing rules of them.


1. who: ……的人
2. expected: (expect的过去式) 期待,期望
3. anxious:焦虑的,急切的
4. watch: 观察
5. fields: 田地
6. say to oneself: 自言自语
7. come up: 想出
8. rush: 冲,奔
9. sunset: 日落
10. exhausted:精疲力尽的
11. be out of breath: 上气不接下气
12. be in vain: 徒劳的,无效的
13. be worth sth:某事是值得的
14. can’t help: 忍不住
15. die back: 枯死


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