成语故事《To Recognize A Good Steed》

成语故事《To Recognize A Good Steed》

In the Spring and Autumn Period, a man named Bo Le is an expert in identifying a good horse. 春秋时期,有个人叫伯乐,他非常善于鉴别马匹,

He put his experiences in this area into his book Physiognomy Of Horses, which illustrated all kinds of horses with rich pictures and words.他将自己这方面的经验写成了一本书《相马经》,书中图文并茂地介绍了各类马匹。

His son wanted to learn his skill about identifying a good horse. Then he read the book carefully over and over again. 他的儿子想学到识马的本领。于是就把父亲的这本书反复诵读,

He thought he had mastered the skill. 之后,他就以为自己已经掌握了这个本领。

Once he saw a toad along the road, whose forehead was in accord with the features of a good horse. 有一次他在路上看到了一只癞蛤蟆,前额刚好与《相马经》上的好马特征相符,便以为找到了一匹千里马,

Then he rushed to his father and told him he had found a good steed. Hearing this, Bo Le didn’t know whether to cry or laugh. He had to reply jokingly: “ This horse does too  well in jumping, so it’s hard for us to rein it. ”马上跑去告诉父亲。伯乐被儿子弄得哭笑不得,就开玩笑的回答说:“这匹马太会跳了,不好驾驭。”


1. recognize: 识别
2. expert: 专家,行家
3. identify:辨别,鉴别
4. experience: 经验
5. physiognomy: 相面术,相貌
6. illustrated: 描绘
7. master: 掌握
8. toad: 癞蛤蟆
9. forehead: 前额
10. in accord with: 与……一致
11. feature: 特征
12. rush:奔,冲
13. steed:骏马
14. jokingly:开玩笑地
15. rein:驾驭


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