clean the floor 扫地     

clean the house 打扫房间

collect stamps 集邮      

come back 回来

come from 来自……       

come here 来这里

come in 进来                

come on 过来/加油

come to tea 来喝茶       

cook the meal 煮饭

crash into 撞向             

dig a hole 挖坑

do housework 做家务    

do morning exercises 晨练

do one’s homework 做作业    

do some reading 读点书

do sports 做运动           

draw a picture 画画

drink some water 喝些水     

drive a car 驾车

fall over 跌倒              

fill the hole with earth 用泥土填坑

get off 下车                 

get out of 走出(……之外)

go back 回去               

go and have a look 去看一看

go boating 去划船        

go fishing 去钓鱼

go for a walk 去散步     

go home 回家

go on a diet 节食         

go out 出去

go shopping 去购物      

go sightseeing 去观光

go skating 去溜冰

go skiing 去滑雪

go straight on 直走      

go swimming 去游泳

go to bed 去睡觉          

go to school 去上学

go to work 去上班        

go to the cinema 去看电影

have a bath 洗澡         

have a Chinese lesson 上语文课

have a cold 感冒          

have a fever 发烧

have a headache 头痛   

have a good time 玩得开心

have a look 看一看        

have a picnic 举行野餐活动工

have a rest 休息            

have a stomachache 胃痛

have a tooth-ache 牙痛   

have a trip 去旅游

have a try 试一试             

have been to 到过

have breakfast 吃早餐      

have fun 玩得开心

have lunch 吃午饭            

have some coke 喝些可乐

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